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Strategic Planning

The presentation of the University of Alicante's Corporate Strategic Management Plan was the first step in the implementation of a strategic direction of our university. After it, the preparation of the Services' and Centres' plans have followed as well as the establishing of the the framework for the University of Alicante's Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan of the Students Service takes over and assumes the role and rightful responsibility in building a quality system in management. It follows the guidelines set up by the Strategic Management Plan, and -in its drafting- we have had as reference the fact that our plan is integrated into this one and, therefore, it is also in the General Strategic Plan.

The previous reflection process has been the same: first, an awareness of our functions, of the processes we carry out and of the management of our resources. We have analyzed our strengths and weaknesses, and finally, we have set the goals that we think can help improve our performance and achieve the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers in the best possible quality conditions.

The Strategic Plan of our Service wants to be an effective tool for our daily work. The commitment of the staff will make it possible. The human resources of the Student Service work and has worked at all times with endeavor to fulfill its functions and objectives. Undoubtedly, they are people that create added value to an organization, in this case the Student Service: their effectiveness and commitment are quality assurance in themselves. And from now on, we also have at our disposal new tools that will help us make decisions and take action for improvement, and the Strategic Plan is one of them, perhaps the basic tool, since knowing who we are, where we came from, where we go, and under what conditions we want to go, are necessary to be and to improve.

Finally, we thank the double opportunity that the University has given us to enable on the one hand, our participation in the preparation of the Strategic Management Plan, and on the other meeting the a long-felt need to analyze and reflect on the direct action in the fulfillment of our duties and our contributions to the general area, all with a view to improving the quality of the service provided to  students and the university community.


Students Service's Strategic Plan

Planificación Estratégica

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