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(Announcement 2012-2013)

 El listado "definitivo" de alumnas admitidas saldrá publicado mañana 27 de septiembre a primera hora. 

Listado de ADMITIDOS: solicitantes que cumplen los requisitos para poder participar en el proceso de selección.

Listado de EXCLUÍDOS: solicitantes que no reúnen alguno de los requisitos establecidos en la convocatoria.

 *Plazo de reclamación: días 25 y 26 de septiembre, enviando un correo electrónico con la documentación que acredite que sí se cumplen los requisitos a la dirección  o personalmente en la oficina de Prácticas en el pabellón de Alumnado.

Term of registration: of the 3  to 14 September



1.      Purpose of the Project      

2.      Who can participate

3.      Characteristics

4.      Procedure of adjudication

5.      Registration and form

6.      Companies collaborators


Purpose of the Project


University Leaders is a program of practical training in competitions and professional skills, allocated to students of the University of Alicante that cursan studies in degrees whose professional activity realises in sectors where the presence of women is minoritary.

The program of University practices Leaders has the subsidy  of the Ministry of Health, Social Politics and Equality and his realisation links with the aim 3 of the Axis 1 of the “I Plan of Equality of Opportunities between Women and Men of the UA”:

1.3- Develop programs and activities that contribute to the achievement of the equality of gender in the society, as well as collaborate in the initiatives that, with this aim, organise by other institutions and social entities.

The strategies to facilitate the advance of the women in the executive places and of direction require of a commitment to change the existent culture inside a company or an organisation. It is necessary, then , that from the universities, also, design programs that encourage, of a side, to the university to develop his professional career to the highest level; and, of another, give to know to the labour world and to the entramado business in which they will develop his future work like egresadas the possibilities, talent and profits that shut the professional careers of women. The program of University “practices Leaders” looks for revertir these dynamics endowing to the university students of resources that strengthen his potential leadership.

Of parallel form to the development of concrete competitions of the labour surroundings in which it develops the practice, specifically, the program of university practices leaders will have to tackle and incidir in the development of the following competitions actitudinales:


  • Competitions related with the development of complex skills and of feminine leadership:

-  Leadership.

-  Skills for the management of conflicts.

-  Establishment of a model typical of leadership emprendedor.

-  Development of competitions to negotiate effectively.

-  Contact with tools to resolve problematic different professionals.

-  Development of competitions for the delegation and the work in team.

-  Analysis of technicians of innovation in models of business.

-  Relation with the competitions of analysis and taking of decisions.

-  Conciliation work-family. The double diary and the management of the time.

The program includes two workshops of training related with the specific competitions that pretend develop:

1.- Strategies of leadership for women (given by INTEcoach). Length 2h

2.-Feminine leadership in the TIC. (Given by and-leusis)  Length 2h

These workshops will be compulsory for the students that have been selected for the realisation of the practices.

 Who can participate:

They will be able to request the practices the students of the University of Alicante that fulfil the following requirements:

- Be enrolled in the course 2012-2013 in an official education of First or Second Cycle,  of Degree or of Máster.

- Have surpassed 50% of the credits or, in the case of the Plans of ancient Study, be in the two last courses or realising the Project End of Career.

- Not keeping contractual relation with the company where requests to realise the practices.



The practical will be able to have a length of 150 hours or of 300 hours. They will be able to be validated, in his case, by 6 credits (150h) or by 12 credits (300h). They developed between the months of October and December, in the dates and schedule that agree with the company, taking into account, anyway, that the time dedication will have to allow to the employers and managerial the normal development of his activities and to the university the compatibility with his academic activities. For this establishes a maximum dedication of 25 weekly hours.

 Validation of the practices:

The practices realised will be able to have academic recognition, that is to say, will be able to request to the Centre (Faculty or School), the validation by credits optativos or of free election  of practices in company, according to the plan of studies, although they also can be realised  by students that already have covered the credits of practices of his plan of studies, with extracurricular character.

Follow-up and evaluation of the practices:

The follow-up and the evaluation of the practices will correspond, by a part, to the tutor dela UA that will assign to each student, - that will belong to the Faculty the one who was ascribed the degree cursada by the student -, and, by another, to the mentor that the company designate for each student. In any case, the procedure and evaluation of the practices will follow the same guidelines that the rest of external practices of the centre and to the protect of the established in the Royal decree 1707/2011.

For the evaluation of the practice, the university will engage to elaborate a Memory of the once finalised practice this.


 Procedure of adjudication:

    The UA, through the Secretariat of Practices in Company, will realise the preselection of the candidates attending to the following criteria:

  1. Adecuación Of the candidate to the profile of studies and other requirements of the offers presented by the companies collaborators.
  2. Half note of academic file.


 Forecast of terms:

Delivery of applications

Of the 3 to 14 September

Provisional listed publication of students admitted

20 September

Definite listed publication

25 September

Beginning of the practices

From October until December

Both listings will publish so much in this page web as in the page web of the Unit of Equality.


 Inscripción and form of application:

You can deliver your application of the 3 to 14 September 2012  .

Once filled, the application will deliver in the Unit of Practices (situated in the Pavilion of Alumnado), or will send by email or postcard,  accompanied of the following documentation:

- Photocopy of the DNI.

- Curriculum Vitae. 

 Once finalised the term of registration, will publish in the page web of the announcement the listing of applicants that fulfil the requirements to be able to participate.


Form of application


If you need more information can go through you  the Unit of Practices (Pavilion of Alumnado), call us or send us an email: Telephone 965 90 98 26


    postal Post:

     University of Alicante

     Unit of Practices

     Pavilion of Alumnado

     Apdo. 99 - 03080 Alicante


Companies collaborators:

To instance of the Unit of Equality of the UA, the Association of Employers, Professional and Managerial of the province of Alicante (AEPA) has selected the companies collaborators.

In the announcement 2012-2013 exists the possibility to realise practices in the following companies: 


Áreas de interés: Administración de Empresas. Marketing. Redes Sociales. Programación PHP.


Área de interés: Grado en Ingeniería Informática.


Área de interés: Asesoramiento en calidad y seguridad alimentaria.


Área de interés: ADE, DADE, Publicidad, Relaciones Públicas.

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